GRADwood Composite Premium

New in the Awood range is the Gradwood Composite Premium façade parquet. We were regularly told by customers that they were looking for colourfast and natural-looking facade parquet. That is why Awood has designed the GRADwood Composite Premium cladding line in collaboration with Composite Premium. The facade parquet is colourfast, available in three colors (Ushuaïa Grey, Warm Sienna & Lima Brown) and easy to install thanks to the GRADwood system. In addition, Composite Premium provides a 20-year warranty (10-year warranty when placed in a public space). We have great expectations for this product as it will be the ideal facade solution for many.



The GRADwood Composite Premium planks are provided with Co-extrusion. This means that the planks have a High Tech Coating. This coating makes the boards very scratch-resistant and there is also no temporary discolouration. The planks can serve as facade parquet and ceiling parquet. Due to the hollow nature of the GRADwood Composite Premium planks, they are not suitable as terrace decking. This application is therefore strongly discouraged.


Lima Brown

Ushuaïa Gray

Warm Sienna


GRADwood Composite Premium wood composites have notches on the back. This allows the planks to simply be clicked onto the GRADwood concealed clip rail system.

For further assembly instructions and tips, please refer to the GRADwood Composite Premium documents on our download page.



Because facade parquet is vertical, there is minimal dirt accumulation, so there are actually no maintenance requirements. If the facade nevertheless needs to be cleaned, you can clean the material with a brush with a mild cleaning agent (dishwashing liquid).

Do not use:

  • a pressure washer;
  • solvents;
  • a stain, paint or protecting agent;
  • a beautifier, renewer or similar product.


In addition to supplying quality composites, Composite Premium is also concerced with the environment. Composite Premium consists of 60% wood flour made from waste sawdust and shavings. The plastic is at least 80% recycled.


Composite Premium is well aware of the environmental impact. Composite Premium therefore implements an ecologically responsible policy and thereby complies with the requirements and strict standards in the field of the environment. Composite Premium wood composites are 100% recyclable and are produced from recycled chips and wood sawdust.

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