Moso Bamboo

In collaboration with Moso Bamboo, Awood developed its own facade parquet in narrow widths. In this image, an unoiled version has been chosen, as the aging on the facade occurs faster in this way, and more naturally. The narrow widths can be attached vertically or horizontally with the GRADwood clip. With a vertical installation, sagging can be prevented with PolyUrethane-glue. The slats can also be removed from the rails after using glue.




The distance between the planks is determined by the center-to-center distance of the GRADwood clip on the aluminum rails, and is 6 mm.

45, 64 and 119 mm are the three widths that can be selected from stock in a length of 185 cm. The 20 mm thick X-Treme slats are shortened at right angles at the front ends and finished with a small bevel.

You can choose to combine all three widths with the Moso GRADwood Varibo or to use only one width. Due to the high stability of the Moso Bamboo, it is desirable and possible to maintain straight lines. This gives the parquet a beautiful and calm look. In addition, the GRADwood system ensures a smooth installation where only the rails need to be mounted: the bamboo is simply clicked on.


Due to the hardness of the Moso Bamboo X-Teme, it is not possible to attach it by stapling with a stapling gun.



Advantages of the material: Moso Bamboo

Moso bamboo is the building material of the future and competes with hardwood. Unlike hardwoods, bamboo only needs 5 years to mature and to be cut down, with hardwoods this takes decades. For this reason, bamboo regenerates very fast, providing large amounts of (building) materials with relatively few resources and area needed, all the while it sequesters CO2 from the air.


Moso Bamboo properties


  • Ages naturally
  • Fireproof Certificate B
  • Impact resistant and very stabile
  • BREAAM certificate
  • 25 years of MOSO factory warranty


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