Wall Parquet Supreme Improved Oak

Supreme Improved Oak

The American oak with its improved properties is extremely suitable for use on the wall. Due to the high-pressure / steam process, the durability is greatly improved. Where oak normally can lixiviate and twist, the Improved Oak has largely lost its tannic acid during the baking process. Also, the cells can no longer absorb moisture and most nutrients for fungi are burned away.

However, the Improved Oak will soon turn gray and eventually get a robust, greyed out appearance. A few cracks will certainly be a part of this. These are inherent in oak and cannot be prevented in the baking process.

Supreme Improved Oak

The American oak is planed into the Supreme profile in Awood’s machining facility. Also the head ridge and groove are put on here. American oak is grown a lot in the Netherlands and this wall covering is therefore clearly from of regional wood.

The invisible fastening with the B-fix clip turns the whole thing into a beautiful picture. Vertically or horizontally, everything is possible.