Composite Premium

Do you want a terrace with a natural look and color retention? Composite Premium is a French producer of high-quality and colourfast wood composite decking. Two thirds of the decking consists of high-quality wood flour and one third of polyethylene. The wood flour is made from a mix of French maritime pine (pinus pinaster/maritime pine) and Sitka spruce (picea sitchensis/Sitka spruce).



If you are looking for wood composite with an excellent price-quality ratio, Composite Premium is the right choice.

Composite Premium wood composite decking has a natural appearance, just like Silvadec wood composite. Composite Premium differs from Silvadec, in the point that Composite Premium planks have a thickness of 21mm, which is 2mm less than Silvadec. There are also more cavities. Furthermore, the Composite Premium decking has a 20-year warranty, while Silvadec gives a 25-year warranty. A 10-year warranty applies to both brands when the decking is placed in a public area.

With these relatively slight differences you will not notice any difference in quality. For many clients, especially with larger projects, Composite Premium is seen as the best option.


Product range

Co-ex (Brushed)

Composite Premium Co-ex decking is provided with a thin layer of polymer material, this protects the parquet against stains and UV radiation. The coating also provides an anti-slip effect.

The color of the Co-ex series is particularly stable. Where the other Composite Premium lines temporarily discolor due to the weather and end up with a slightly different color, Co-ex planks are not affected by this. This makes it the ideal plank for partial canopies. The planks can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The Co-ex series is available in the colours: Light Brown, Chocolate Brown, Toffee Brown and Mouse Grey.


With the applied structure, a natural appearance is imitated as closely as possible. The Embossed Composite Premium series gives your terrace an original and luxurious look. The Embossed series is ideal for patio cladding and swimming pool edging, among other things.

The Embossed series is available in the colours: Anthracite, Light Brown and Dark Brown.


The grooved line has a perfect anti-slip effect and is resistant to damage. The width of 180 mm ensures quick installation and less mounting material is required per m2 than with the standard size of 150 mm.

Coated or uncoated?

We recommend both the coated and the uncoated Composite Premium Wood Composite Boards for installing decking on a surface which is exposed to rain. If there is a surface that is not completely exposed to rain, for example due to a partial roof, we recommend a coated board. Dirt will not be washed away by the rain at the roof. This causes dirt to accumulate, causing water spots. This plays less of a role with a coated slab. The coating ensures that there is more drainage and that the dirt is not absorbed by the plank.


Dark or light colour?

We recommend choosing a light colour. Plastic generally becomes warmer than wood or bamboo and a dark color enhances this. In order to have a comfortable terrace, especially if walk barefoot, you are more helped by a light color.


As with wood and bamboo, wood composite does not need to be treated, cleaning once a year is sufficient. In the case of seals, it is recommended to clean them twice a year. For Composite Premium it is recommended to use a brush with water and a mild cleaning agent (dishwashing liquid). It is also recommended to do this in the spring, and lengthwise. Clean the gaps between the decking with a metal lath for good water drainage.


Let op:

  • Gebruik geen hogedrukreiniger
  • Gebruik geen oplosmiddel
  • Gebruik geen beits, verf of beschermend product, verfraaier, vernieuwer of dergelijke producten op het oppervlak van de planken


The wood composites of Composite Premium are provided with notches on the sides so that they can be mounted invisibly with the hidden clip system.

For further assembly instructions and tips, please refer to the Composite Premium documents on our downloadspage.


Aslon installation

In addition to mounting with Composite Premium clips, it is also possible to mount Composite Premium wood composite planks by means of screws or the Aslon system. The Aslon Terrace Substructure System has been specially developed for universal, simple and very fast installation.

In addition to the fact that the Aslon system saves you a lot of time in assembly, it also provides a blind attachment. The system is lightweight, weather resistant and 100% recyclable. There is also a 10-year warranty on the system (aluminium bases and clamps).

For further assembly instructions and tips, please refer to the Aslon documents on our  downloadspage.


Environmentally responsible

In addition to supplying quality composites, Composite Premium also concerns the environment. Composite Premium is well aware of the environmental impact. Composite Premium therefore implements an ecologically responsible policy and thereby complies with the requirements and strict standards in the field of the environment. Composite Premium wood composites are 100% recyclable and are produced from recycled chips and wood sawdust.

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